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eurotoll extends its coverage of the tribox Air to Belgium and Germany

eurotoll extends its coverage of the tribox Air to Belgium and Germany

Tribox Air

Already used to travel in the French, Spanish, Portuguese and Belgian (Liefkenshoek tunnel) networks and available since early February in Austria, tribox Air will allow eurotoll customers to travel throughout Belgium (Viapass network) as soon as summer 2017 and in Germany in 2018. tribox Air therefore answers the need for transport companies to have a unique interoperable box which is multi-network and can be programmed on-air to travel within 6 much travelled European countries.

This unique box completes the international coverage of eurotoll over 15 countries in Europe. After 10 years of presence in Europe, eurotoll already covers 55 000 km of toll roads as well as tunnels, bridges secure parking sites in 16 countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

eurotoll has a unique coverage all over Europe and provides a high level of toll services for our international customers, eurotoll is more than ever the innovative partner that can help the transporters to manage and optimize the toll expenses.

Download here the press release PR-eurotoll_BELG-ALL_270317