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July 2020

Mont Blanc Tunnel & Fréjus Tunnel: since July 1st, 2020, traffic is prohibited for goods vehicles over 3.5T of EURO 3 and EURO 4 categories. Coaches are not in scope. On the other hand, due to the exceptional Covid-19 context, companies with ongoing renewals of trucks with other EURO classes can fill in self-certifications to be allowed to circulate until 30 September. Moreover, the Fréjus Tunnel...

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For the third year in a row, Atlandes will renew its operation for international truck drivers, under the name "He Works / I Care". The event on the motorway A63 - "Autoroute Porte des Landes - Ouest" will take place on July 9th 2020, from 8 am at the rest area. This event will be an opportunity to enjoy a friendly moment between truck drivers...

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