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Ying-Yu Touzot: the newly appointed CEO of eurotoll

Ying-Yu Touzot: the newly appointed CEO of eurotoll

We are pleased to inform you that Ying-Yu Touzot has been appointed as CEO of eurotoll since the 1st of March 2017.

Ying-Yu succeeds Philippe Duthoit, CEO of eurotoll since 2011. She will lead the development of eurotoll in Europe ensuring its consistency with the group’s strategy.

Ying-Yu joined Sanef in 2005 and was in charge of corporate development and asset optimisation. She was responsible for business development and financial controlling of the electronic tolling business of Sanef which is now part of Abertis Group.

Ying-Yu started her career in consulting in the USA. In France, she then worked with Renault and Egis. Educated in Taiwan, USA, and France, Ying-Yu holds an MBA from INSEAD.