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The road toll system in Hungary: 


Are you looking for a toll solution for the Hungarian network?

In Hungary, vehicles over 3.5t are subject to taxes and tolls on over 6 500 km of motorways and main roads. This road toll network works through the HU GO electronic system in prepayment only.


NEW ! Drive with an interoperable Eurotoll satellite device We take care of the prepayment for you. You pay your tolls after the trip, according to your consumption.You no longer have to worry about loading your HU-GO account.


If you prefer to manage your HU-GO account independently, you can use the Eurotoll deferred debit payment card to top it up:


  • Go to one of our partner’s KUPON POS in Hungary (see map below)
  • Provide the advisor with your HU-GO account number, the amount you want to top-up
  • Pay with your Eurotoll card
  • You will then be invoiced by Eurotoll on the following month
  • You can also buy one-off route tickets with your Eurotoll cards if needed


Click here for more information about the HU-GO system and account management.


Please check map of our partner’s POS in Hungary :





Would you like more information about the Hungarian toll system?

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Benefits of Eurotoll services :

  • Optimise your toll costs
  • Follow your activity through personalised tables
  • Check your trips on toll networks per vehicle, per driver
  • Create personnalised reports, per sub-fleet, customer, owner…
  • Integrate your toll data automatically into your trade tools (TMS ERP or Excel)


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