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Closing  4 rest areas on the A16 and A26 motorways

Closing  4 rest areas on the A16 and A26 motorways

In order to combat  migratory problems and “to avoid migrant intrusion in the HGVs” before Calais, the rest areas of the Bois de la Commanderie (A16) of Nortkerque, of the Grande Bucaille (A26) as well as the HGV parking section of the service  area of St Hilaire Cottes will be closed until June 30th. The petrol station, the services and restaurants of the rest area of St Hilaire Cottes remain open.

The drivers can take breaks at the rest area of the Falaises de Widehem Est (Boulonnais) and at the service area of la Baie de Somme, which have 50 HGVs parking  places. On the A26 the area of Villefleur remains open.


carte fermetures aires de repos et services