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Electronic toll, how does it work ?

A- What is electronic toll ?


Electronic toll is a « contactless » payment system, which allows travel on the toll networks that are submitted to a toll. It generally consists in a box (OBU : On Board Unit ; or tag) applied to the windscreen of the vehicle.


B- What are the different types of toll ?


  • Detection


The communications norm used is DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications). The system, installed in the vehicles, consists in a box attached to the windshield, transmitting microwaves which are detected by a receptor installed in a toll lane at the entrance and at the exit of a paying area or by gates on the network.


In which countries ?

In France, Spain, Portugal, the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium, payment of the secured parkings in France and Spain. Eurotoll offers their customers a unique tag which can be used to travel freely in these 4 countries.


  • Satellite,


 Vehicles must be equipped with boxes which allow the detection of the placement of their vehicles by satellite using GPS signals, these crypted signals are transferred through the GSM phone network in order to be taken into account and to allow invoicing.


In which countries ?

In Germany, In Belgium,


  • Vignettes


In order to travel in certain countries, you must buy a vignette which will allow you to travel all over the network for a predetermined amount of time.


Thanks to the Eurotoll card, buying your vignettes for Switzerland and the eurovignette countries is easy. You control and pay for your purchases on your Eurotoll invoice.


In which countries ?

In Switzerland, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Sweden.


C- European interoperability


Eurotoll, who keeps enlarging their offer for access to european toll networks, puts at your disposal tags and toll acceptation methods allowing you to travel in 15 european countries and approximately 85% or the european toll network.
On 10 june 2016, Eurotoll has been registered in a list of EST service providers. It is a new stage for Eurotoll in their march towards European Interoperabiliaty. (Visuel Tbx Air)


  • What is EETS (European Electronic Toll System) ?


It is legally defined by the Directive 2004/52/EC and the european community decision 2009/750/CE of 6 October 2009. To know more, please click below :


D- Where can I find information on the French toll network ?


Network maps, speed limits, vehicle classification, itineraries can be found on the ASFA website (Association des Sociétés Françaises d’Autoroute)


E- Where can I find news about my vehicles circulating on roads and Motorways in France ?


Realtime traffic on thr ASFA website : or Bison futé

Travel restrictions on specific Motorways or areas for HGVs : on the  Bison futé website

How Eurotoll supports you ?

A- Which countries are « covered » by the Eurotoll offers?


Eurotoll gives you offers allowing you to travel in  15 european countries.

Meet us on our website : (« our offers » page)



B- What are the advantages of the Eurotoll subscriber area?


  • Dashboards to visualise in a single look the evolution of your toll charges, one month to the next, year after year.
  • Alerts, to master your costs.
  • Activity reports that can be personnalised by vehicle, subfleet, manager… infinitely, to follow your toll activity and integrate the data simply into your tools.


C- How to subscribe with Eurotoll?


  • By filling in the online form on our website (adresse du site)
  • By contacting our customer service


D- What is the difference between a Lumesia T-Pass tag and a TISPL Eurotoll tag?


  • The Lumesia T-Pass tag is reserved for small vehicles weighing less than 3,5 tons or with a height lower than 3 metres (car, motorbike, van …). You benefit from all the services and alerts of the Eurotoll subscriber area.
  •  The TISPL (Télépéage Inter Société Poids Lourds – HGV toll tag) Eurotoll tag is reserved for HGVs weighing over 3,5 tons or with a height >= to 3 metres. Subscription to this tag allows you to benefit from discounts given by the french motorway companies


E- Advantages of the Eurotoll « all in one » box ?


  • For simplicity :
    • A box that is « all in one » and « Plug and Play » :
      • To access european toll networks (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium – Liefkenshoek Tunnel, soon Austria, Belgium,…)
      • To benefit from a professional geolocation service conceived for the world of transport.
    • A single contact
  • For safety :
    • Eurotoll pioneer of tag associated geolocation
  • For saving :
    • A very simple Plug and play box to install in the vehicle and which does not need the action of a specialist.
    • It allows you to benefit from maximum discounts given for the toll networks in France and in Europe (Spain).


What is an OBU ?

OBU = On Board Unit.
Payment method, generally fixed on the windshield of a vehicle.

What is an SCA ?

SCA = Société Concessionnaire d’Autoroute. (Motorway company)

What is a TLPC ?

Trajet Le Plus Cher. (Longest journey)
Longest journeys appear when the vehicle does the longest possible journey on the Motorway.
A TLPC can give way to a claim if there is uncertainty on the entrance used.
Eurotoll supports their customers by alerting them to TLPC generated and putting at their disposal an online claims tool. Eurotoll takes into account the claim and negociation with the Motorway companies.

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