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Alpine Tunnels

Eurotoll provides you access to the Mont Blanc and Fréjus Tunnels

Toll payment in the Alpine Tunnels:


If you would like to use the Mont Blanc and Fréjus Tunnels and take full advantage of the discounts, eurotoll provides you with a subscriber’s card eurotoll helps you take advantage of the best rates and the maximum possible discount on your journeys you are making through the Alpine Tunnels.


The Mont Blanc Tunnel


It connects the Chamonix valley (Upper Savoy, France) and the Aosta Valley (Italy).

Length: 11.6 km

Access points:

  • On the French side from Chamonix (ATMB)
  • On the Italian side from Courmayeur (SITMB)
Mont Blanc Tunnel rates

The Fréjus Tunnel


It connects Modane (France) and Bardonecchia (Italy)

Length: 12.9 km

Access points:

  • On the French side via the A 43 motorway, from the direction of Lyon (SFTRF).
  • On the Italian side via the A 32 motorway, from the direction of Turin.


Rates are calculated based on the following factors:

  • The tunnel in which you are driving (Mont-Blanc or Fréjus)
  • The type of the vehicle (HGV – abnormal transport)
  • The direction of the journey (from France to Italy or from Italy to France)
  • Whether you are making a single or a return journey
Fréjus Tunnel rates
Subscribe to the offer for Alpine tunnels

Benefits of eurotoll services:


  • Optimize your road toll costs
  • Track your activity through your customized dashboards
  • Monitor the number of journeys you have made through the Alpine Tunnels on your eurotoll invoices
  • Create customized reports by sub-fleet, customer, planner…
  • Enter your toll payment data automatically in your business tools (TMS, ERP or Excel)


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