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With Eurotoll, travel serenely over the 52 000 km of German roads

The toll system in Germany


All HGVs over 7,5 tons travelling over the motorways and federal roads must pay the German toll. It is a free flow satellite toll system.

New toll rates from December 1st, 2023

The amount of the tax is calculated on the basis of :


  • The number of kilometers travelled over the network
  • The number of axles of the vehicle
  • The euro emissions class of the vehicle
Toll collect prices

Eurotoll simplifies the management of your tolls.


You are invoiced for your german transactions directly on your Eurotoll invoice. Eurotoll takes care of registering you with toll collect no matter the type of payment


  • Automatic mode , by equipping you with a satellite obu installed directly into the vehicle.
    List of the installation point
  • Manual mode, by simply declaring your future transactions online. Evidence will be given to your drivers in case they are controlled by the local authorities.


Controls by the authorities


It is done by the Federal Directorate for Goods transport (BAG). Controls are done :


  • automatically through over 300 fixed gantries
  • By the mobile BAG team. Controls can be done on parking lots and via 300 vehicles travelling throughout the territory.


If you also travel in austria, contact us.


Eurotoll Service bonuses :


  • Optimise your toll costs
  • Follow your activity through personalised tables
  • Check your trips on toll networks per vehicle, per driver
  • Create personnalised reports, per sub-fleet, customer, owner…
  • Integrate your toll data automatically into your trade tools (TMS ERP or Excel)
Network coverage in Germany


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