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Eurotoll provides you access to the Italian motorways and helps you take full advantage of the maximum possible discount

The Italian Network:


Heavy goods vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of more than 12 tonnes are subject to the kilometre-based levy in Italy. The taxed network extends over 5,900 km and the rate applied depends on the number of axles, the height of the vehicle and the distance covered.


Discounts are applicable in Italy and the consorzio Eurotoll allows you to benefit from the maximum discounts, regardless of your consumption in Italy.


The toll system in Italy:


In Italy, the electronic toll system works thanks to badges that communicate remotely with the antennas when passing through the toll stations. This dialogue triggers a transaction which is then transmitted by the concession company to Eurotoll to be invoiced. All vehicles driving on Italian freeways must pay the toll.


To circulate in Italy, Eurotoll offers you 3 options:



  • The Lumesia MED box:


It allows you to drive on 6 major networks in Europe: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium).


This badge works on battery, it requires no connection, no installation and therefore no immobilization of your vehicles. All you have to do is attach it to the windshield of your trucks and let it simply record your journeys. Likewise, your drivers will not have to make any settings on the product, except for the number of axles to indicate before departure.


  • The Lumesia SAT box:


This satellite OBU allows you to drive in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland Germany and Poland.


It integrates Eurotoll’s own TIS-PL module, i.e. it is directly connected to all the French freeway companies, which allows faster invoicing but also better reactivity in the management of TLPC and various complaints.


  • The Telepass Italy box:


It allows you to pay automatically at all the toll gates but only in Italy.



Why choose Eurotoll ?


Ease of movement & discounts :

Use the dedicated Telepass lanes in Italy and save your drivers precious time.
Benefit from maximum discounts in Italy thanks to the Eurotoll conzorzio and also in France, Spain, in the Liefkenshoek tunnel.

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Benefits of Eurotoll services:

  • Track your road toll activity in Italy through your customized dashboards
  • Monitor the number of your journeys you have made in Italy, by vehicle and by driver
  • Create customized reports by sub-fleet, customer, planner…
  • Enter your toll payment data automatically in your business tools (TMS, ERP or Excel)
  • Take full advantage of discounts provided by the state of Ital
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