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The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden and Denmark

Drive simply with Eurotoll on the eurovignette network.

The road toll system in the Netherlands, in Luxemburg, in Denmark and in Sweden: eurovignette


eurovignette is a compulsory tax to be paid by all heavy goods vehicles of over 12 tons using the roads and motorways of Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.


The amount of the tax to be paid depends on:

  • The EURO emission standard of the vehicle
  • The period of use of the tax disk (day, week, month or year)
  • The number of axles of the vehicle



In order to drive on the eurovignette network, and take advantage of Eurotoll services, please subscribe for a Eurotoll card that allows you to pay daily, monthly or yearly your eurovignette.

please find the rates of eurovignette here

Benefits of Eurotoll services:

  • The Eurotoll card: a payment card used only for road toll payment
  • Dashboards for tracking and monitoring your eurovignette consumption
  • Your eurovignette purchases included into your Eurotoll invoice