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Drive on the 1600 km long Polish motorway network with eurotoll

The road toll system in Poland:VIA TOLL


In Poland, the ETC works through speficic OBUs provided by Asfinag These OBUs are detected by antennas when passing under the gantries located on the lanes, with vehicles traveling at normal speed.


Rates are calculated based on the following factors:


  • The driving distance in kilometers
  • The type of the road used
  • The weight of the vehicle
  • The EURO emission standard


Control and penalties:


The penalty flat rate can be no more than 750 € (3000 PLN). Its value depends on the type of infringement. Any problems must be handled immediately by the driver, or otherwise the vehicle may be stopped. Controls are performed by police officers and/or road transport inspectors.

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Benefits of eurotoll services:


  • Optimize your road toll costs
  • Track your activity through your customized dashboards
  • Monitor the number of journeys you have made on the road toll network by vehicle and by driver
  • Create customized reports by sub-fleet, customer, planner…
  • Enter your toll payment data automatically in your business tools (TMS, ERP or Excel)
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