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Eurotoll, official distributor of the eMyto toll road network

eMyto Siemens

The road toll system in the Slovakia: eMyto


This toll payment system is satellite based. All heavy goods vehicles and buses of over 3.5 tons using the whole, 2,400 km long Slovakian national road network (motorways and secondary roads) are subject to the payment of this road toll. For driving on the network, your vehicles must be equipped with a specific device installed on board.


If you would like to drive in Slovakia, you have two possibilities :


  • If you are using the system on a casual basis:
    + Go to a distribution point in order to withdraw your emyto vehicle box
    + Pre-pay your consumption. It will also appear on the Eurotoll invoice


  • If you are a regular user:
    + Install your eMyto vehicle box in a fixed way Your drivers will not lose time any more. Each vehicle must be equipped with its own vehicle box.


The amount of the road toll is calculated based on the following factors :


  • the euro standard classification
  • the GCVWR
  • the number of axles
  • the type of roads used (motorways, expressways and national roads)
The valid rates can be downloaded here
Calculate the cost of your journeys on the Slovakian network
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Benefits of Eurotoll services:


  • Optimize your road toll costs
  • Track your activity through your customized dashboards
  • Monitor the number of journeys you have made on the road toll network by vehicle and by driver
  • Create customized reports by sub-fleet, customer, planner…
  • Enter your toll payment data automatically in your business tools (TMS, ERP or Excel)
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