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Drive freely with eurotoll on board of your heavy goods vehicle in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein.

The road toll system in Switzerland:RPLP


In Switzerland, all goods transporting vehicles of over 3.5 tons using the public road network of Switzerland and of the Principality of Liechtenstein are subject to the payment of a tax: the RPLP (service-related tax for the traffic of heavy goods vehicles).


If you would like to drive in Switzerland:

  • Emotach® OBU is a compulsory equipment to be installed in Swiss vehicles.
  • Foreign vehicles must be registered when they first enter in Switzerland. At registration an “ID CARD” is provided to the driver, containing all information on the vehicle. The card should be kept with the driver for all future journeys to Switzerland.


Settle the journeys in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with the help of the eurotoll card©.


The rate of the RPLP depends on the following factors:

  • The driving distance in kilometers on the networks of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • The GCVWR of the heavy goods vehicle,
  • the EURO emission standard
You can find here the RPLP rates, exceptions and facilities for payment:
Subscribe to the RPLP

Benefits of eurotoll services:


  • The eurotoll card: a 100% safe payment card used only for road toll payment
  • Dashboards for tracking and monitoring your RPLP consumption via your subscriber interface
  • Your RPLP consumptions are included in your eurotoll invoice


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