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Drive freely with Eurotoll on board of your heavy goods vehicle in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein.

The toll system in Switzerland : LSVA


The Swiss toll covers the entire road network in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, which represents approximately 70,000 km of roads. All goods vehicles over 3.5 tons travelling on this road network must pay a tax: the LSVA (service-related tax for the traffic of heavy goods vehicles)


To circulate in Switzerland, you have three options : 


  •  If your vehicle is registered in Switzerland or Liechtenstein :

You must equip your vehicle with an OBU Emotach®.


  • If your vehicle is registered abroad you can :


– Use the Eurotoll card to get your ID CARD from the customs terminals when you enter in Switzerland for the first time. This identification card contains all the vehicle information and must be kept by your driver for future journeys to Switzerland.



– Equip your vehicle with a Lumesia SAT interoperable OBU to circulate freely in Switzerland and in 8 other European countries : France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Poland. The Swiss network is satellite toll system, your journeys will be automatically recorded by your OBU and billed on your Eurotoll invoice.



The rate of the toll depends on :


  • The driving distance in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • The GCVW of the vehicle,
  • The EURO emission 
See rates and exemption rules for LSVA
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Eurotoll services +


  • 100% safe means of payment used for road toll payment only
  • Dashboard for tracking and monitoring your LSVA consumption on your User Portal
  • Your LSVA consumptions are included in your Eurotoll invoice


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