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Claim your VAT reimbursements Eurotoll

one single interface for claiming your VAT reimbursements all across Europe

Do not lose money that could be reimbursed


You drive through Europe: claim your VAT reimbursements with Eurotoll on your fuel, road toll, lubricant, repairs, tyre purchases or accommodation costs… (taking into account the particular conditions of each country).

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The benefits of Eurotoll:


One single contact: Eurotoll will deal with all administrative procedures in connection with your VAT reimbursement in 28 countries of the European Union as well in countries with which your country has reciprocal agreements.


Quick credits. To allow the quickest credit, Eurotoll does not keep the amounts obtained through the different european fiscal authorities, with whom Eurotoll’s knowledges of the processes can delete useless delay.


A simplified follow-up of your reimbursements: Your Eurotoll customer service agent will inform you about the status of your VAT reimbursement claims.


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