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UK : HGV levy suspension


Fréjus & Mont Blanc Tunnels : euro 3 and 4 prohibited


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Eurotoll subscriber area

Dedicated and secure system, available 24/7

Manage and optimize your costs


Toll activity dashboards eurotoll exclusivity!


  • histograms and simplified spreadsheets to show the tendencies of your road toll activity from one month to another, from one year to another and to compare the indicators of your company
  • follow-up on the condition of your device fleet and your means of payment
  • a comprehensive analysis of your complaints (longest journey, vehicle classification error…)


The alerts

  • TLPC
  • Vehicle classification error (vehicle category 3 or category 4)
  • Avoidable sections
  • Forbidden toll station
  • Forbidden time periods




The complains

  • Raise and follow your complaints on line


The invoices

  • Download your detailed invoices in the format that you choose
    • Certified pdf
    • CSV for easier integration with you tools (ERP, TMS, Excel)


Manage your devices

  • Download a report on the condition of your device fleet in any electronic format of your choice
  • Order new devices
  • Organize your devices in fleets and sub-fleets
  • Create as many customized reports as you wish by customer, by planner, by site…
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The benefits of eurotoll


  • A secure subscriber’s interface available 24/7
  • Exclusive dashboards
  • Customizable reports that are available in an unlimited number of copies
  • Simple and detailed invoices
  • One single contact, contract and invoicing to drive to any location in Europe


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Discover eurotoll services
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Discover eurotoll services
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eurotoll it is one contact, one contract, one customer area,

to drive freely all over Europe.

Choosing eurotoll is to ensure to be advised and accompanied by a specialist in European toll, dedicated to the HGV sector.
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*0.15 € VAT incl from a land line in Metropolitan France, according operator abroad