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eurotoll, pioneering in geolocation associated with electronic road toll

Geolocation with the tribox Air


If you have the tribox Air, our interoperable OBU, you can integrate one of our geolocation offers (Geopass, Geodata, Mobileo) to:


  • Reduce your costs

Thanks to real-time geolocation, follow the positioning of your vehicles, control their activity and identify the nearest vehicle and its driver. You will be able to consult this information via your mobile phone. We help you be more responsive to improve customer satisfaction and reduce your administrative and transportation costs.


  • Increase your performance

With your activity reports, analyze the trip history of each of your vehicles. You will be able to measure the number of kilometers travelled, know downtime and waiting times and monitor departure and arrival times. From an environmental perspective, you can also calculate your carbon footprint.


  • Gain in autonomy

Thanks to your alerts personalized according to your needs, you can be informed as soon as one of your vehicles enters or leaves an area defined by you. You can also remain vigilant concerning the safety of your drivers. No more need for scattered notes on your desk to think about the date of the next oil change or technical inspection of a vehicle, a dedicated alert is programmed for that!


Whether you have a simple or experienced need for geolocation, we can meet your needs with one of our offers.


For more information, we invite you to download our special Geolocation brochure.

Our geolocation in pictures

Why choose the tribox Air


Simplify your life by using only 1 OBU for 5 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium (Liefkenshoek + Viapass).


    • Be autonomous thanks to a simple equipment to install: fixed connection or cigarette lighter, installed directly in your workshops.


    • Save time by changing your OBU settings remotely without changing hardware: assigning to another vehicle / account, network activation / deactivation, adding new services.


    • Save money: no need to pay a deposit to receive your tribox Air !


    • Take advantage of the Geolocation option and control your fleet in real time.


    • Drive serenely with our 24/7 Eurotoll support available in 4 languages (French, English, German, Dutch).


Benefit from a flexible price offer adapted to your needs, be they regular or occasional.

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The benefits of our offer


  • Optimization of the deliveries and of the use of your HGV
  • Real-time monitoring of the instructions given to your drivers
  • Security of the goods that are entrusted to you, of your drivers and of your vehicles
  • Guaranteed savings on the road toll, fuel, equipment wear and salary expenses by optimizing the journeys and controlling the instructions that have been given
  • Integration of geolocation and toll payment data in your business tools (TMS, ERP)


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